Derick Amenza Sablah, popularly known as ‘Sablar’ is Ghanaian based amazing singer and song writer. His vocals and freestyling dexterity speaks for itself. He’s worked with the likes of KaySo, DarkoVibes, Medikal and Mugeez. Sablar’ main brand is basically his inner personality reflected in the peculiarity of his sound.
It’s mainly aimed at making conscious, relatable and exciting music strong enough to transcend Africa and capture the world as a whole. This quality of uniqueness in his talent is a strong baseline for his brand and has been built thereof to represent and symbolize ‘peculiarity’ that is as well palatable and relatable to the target audience. The Sablar sound is an Afro sensation rooted deep within his African background and culture aimed at blending various genres to produce uniqueness.


DSP Marketing and Distribution


Downlow (Single Ft. Darko Vibes), Virus (Single)